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Hotels in Kanyakumari - Help Provide Best of Experience for Devotees

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Kanyakumari has a lot of reputation as the most sought-after pilgrimage destination for the Hindus. The deity here is Devi Kanya, who is believed to be the sibling of Lord Krishna. It is said that women come here to pray for their marriages. The blessings of the Goddess felicitate their marriages; this is the belief of most people. Consequently, there are many who flock to this place from distant lands to pray to the God. The town is also well-known for the various historical places in and around it. For some, the prime attraction of tourism in the region is for the breathtaking sunrises and sunsets in the area. Surrounded by water bodies, the picturesque setting of the sunset here is perceived as a ball of fire that descends in the ocean making it the most remarkable scene that you would ever set your eyes on. For all the above tourist activities, hotels in Kanyakumari provide the best of packages for the people to avail of. Go for hotels like the Sea Sun Residency, Hotel Sea View, Hotel Ashoka, Hotel Sivamurugan, Hotel Saagar and Hotel Srimaniya if you want to enjoy a comfortable stay in Kanyakumari.

Among some of the major resorts and hotels in Kanyakumari is the Anantya Resort, which is located near the famous Chittar Lake. Situated within the vast acres of rubber plantations, it provides fantastic views of the beauty of nature and also make tourists experience hospitality par excellence. If you are traveling under budgetary constraints, then Hotel Bharani is your best bet because the hotel provides some very good accommodation at affordable rates. Make the choice of the hotel once you have figured your options well so that your stay can truly be wonderful.

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